Funding Announcement for Orange County Worksites

Date(s) - 07/10/2012
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


PDF of Announcement

Orange County Department of Health
Building Healthy Communities
Capacity Building Initiative
Healthy Orange
Sub-Contract Proposals
Release Date
June 29, 2012
Proposal Due Date
August 31, 2012
Awards Announced
Project Start Dates
End Dates
December 31, 2012
The Orange County Department of Health’s Healthy Orange Program is looking for proposals from local workplaces that would like to participate in Healthy Orange interventions. The proposals are intended to act as a catalyst for the development and implementation of action plan objectives that will lead to policy, system, or environmental changes in the worksite sector of Orange County.
The following project types specific to the Orange County worksites are eligible for 2012 Orange County Healthy Orange intervention awards include:
  • Worksite concession stands, vending, or on-site food services offering healthier food and beverage options.
  • Increase the opportunity for physical activity before, during and after the work day. This may include but is not limited to activity equipment, appropriate training, bike racks, walking programs and signage.
  • Creation of a safe, sanitary and private place for breastfeeding mothers to nurse or pump at worksites. An organizational policy change must accompany this intervention.
Grant Awards:
Grants are available in amounts ranging from $500 to $1,000. Each proposal should include a detailed budget in the format provided in this application packet. Award money cannot be used to pay salary of staff, mileage or any other accrued personnel costs. Funding can only be applied to completed intervention projects on a reimbursement basis.
Eligible Applicants:
All Orange County worksites. Districts must also adopt a Healthy Meeting Guidelines policy based on the NYSDOH Healthy meeting guidelines (see attached). Worksites receiving funding will also be encouraged to participate in the Health Orange Team, chronic disease prevention coalition. This coalition meets annually in Goshen to identify and plan chronic disease prevention related interventions around Orange County.   Participation in at least one of these activities will be required as a condition of the grant agreement.
Healthy Orange Worksite-Based Interventions vary by grant year. Please see below for the list of program goals.
            Meg Oakes, Health & Wellness Coordinator
Orange County Department of Health
Community Health Outreach
130 Broadway
Newburgh, NY 12550
(845) 568-5247
Healthy Orange Worksite-Based Program Goals:
  • Increase the number of policies regarding healthier food and beverage options during the workday day by December 31, 2012.
  • Increase the number of policies regarding increasing physical activity during the workday day by December 31, 2012.
Selection Process:
Proposals will be reviewed by the Orange County Department of Health staff and other key stakeholders. Proposals will be ranked according to the selection criteria below giving approximately equal weight to each.
Selection Criteria:
  1. Degree to which Intervention will contribute to policy, systems or environmental change within the school district.
  2. Degree to which Intervention reduces burden of at least one of these disease states: obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
  3. Degree to which Intervention addresses at least one of these risk factors: physical inactivity and poor nutrition.
  4. Degree to which evidence-based support indicates effectiveness of Intervention (all Interventions must have some level of evidence-based support).
  5. Degree to which objectives of intervention are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based (SMART).
Proposal Submission Requirements:
      1.         Intervention Description Narrative (one page or less on agency letterhead)
Describe the proposed intervention in detail and how it incorporates evidence based information that will lead to sustainable change in the form of policy, systems or environmental changes.
      2.         Healthy Orange Intervention Action Sheet (form included in this Application)
To be completed as follows:
  • Determine policy/system/environmental goal(s).
  • Create at least one SMART objective.
  • List main activities that will be developed and implemented to achieve the stated goal and objective(s).
  • Indicate the timeline for completion of major activities.
  • Identify key staff or partners.
      3.         Narrative Budget Justification(one page or less on agency letterhead).
      4.         Healthy Orange Health Intervention Budget Worksheet (form included in this Application)
To be completed as follows:
  • Indicate specific line items.
  • Provide dollar amount per line item.
  • Provide anticipated in-kind contributions.
      5.         Monitoring and Evaluation
Explain how you would self monitor implementation and evaluate your goals and objectives for this intervention. Each proposal must include a plan to monitor implementation and measurements for evaluation.
Grant Award Contract: 
Awardees will have to enter into an agreement with Orange County. All Awardees must be able to comply with these terms and conditions. Copies of Attachments A and B will be enclosed in the County Of Orange contract packet.
Claim Process:
Once the contract process has been completed, Awardees will receive a purchase order which will have to be submitted with all receipts or invoices to:
Meg Oakes
Orange County Department of Health
130 Broadway
Newburgh, NY 12550
All documents for reimbursement must be received by December 31, 2012 or otherwise indicated on your contract.
Due Date:
Please submit Proposals with all required documents to Meg Oakes via email or by mail to 130 Broadway, Newburgh, NY 12550. Questions or inquiries please contact Meg Oakes by phone at (845) 568-5247 or email