Smoke Free Movie Initiative

Tobacco companies have taken advantage of the powerful influence movies have on people’s behavior to popularize and normalize smoking. Despite legally binding pledges from tobacco companies to stop paying cash for brand placement, tobacco brands still appear in movies. Portrayals of smoking in movies promote the same themes as other tobacco advertising: rebellion, independence, sexiness, wealth, power and celebration. Rarely do movies depict the realities of smoking - characters suffering from smoke related diseases and the effects of secondhand smoke. Scientific research confirms that on-screen smoking strongly influences young people to start smoking. Reality Check has joined the Smoke Free Movie campaign to urge the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and major movie studios to adopt four evidence-based policies that would help counter the impact of smoking in movies on youth.

The Smoke Free Movies Policy Solutions:

1. Include strong and effective anti-smoking ads before all movies in which tobacco is depicted.

2. Certify that nothing of value was received in exchange for the depiction of tobacco in a movie.

3. End all brand appearances.

4. Rate any new movie with smoking R.




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