Healthy Foods Orange County, NY


Healthy Orange is an initiative through the Orange County Department of Health that addresses three simple, but vital, issues of improved nutrition, increased physical activity and movement, and a tobacco-free lifestyle to improve the overall health of Orange County residents. It also addresses the issues surrounding obesity and chronic disease, utilizing best practices to make policy, systems and environmental changes relative to exercise, nutrition, and tobacco control. Healthy Orange has become the umbrella for programs addressing these core goals.


Orange County’s Healthy Orange Team is a coalition of agencies working together to address the problem of chronic disease and obesity. In 2007, the team was originally formed to address childhood obesity under the Eat Well Play Hard program. The Coalition has evolved to encompass the entire Healthy Orange Initiative. Our partnership includes a wide range of agencies who share a common goal of promoting healthy lifestyles for families in Orange County.


The mission of the Healthy Orange Team is to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and families in Orange County through education, communication, collaborations, advocacy, and policy change.


To achieve a thriving, healthy community where children and families have access to healthy foods choices and abundant opportunities for physical activity and the choice to lead a tobacco-free lifestyle.