HUD Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Initiative

Lead Safe Orange is also working under Orange County Community Development with the HUD funded Lead Hazard Reduction Program and the Healthy Homes Initiative.

These programs have three major preventive goals: to have more children tested for lead poisoning throughout the county, secure more lead safe housing for the children of Orange County and to help create healthier living environments within the home.

How can I get funding to fix my lead burdened home? (Spanish)
Lead Hazard Reduction Program Flyer

For any HUD Funding Questions please contact:
Orange County Community Development – (845) 651-3811
Orange County Department of Health – (845) 360-6687

HUD Forms
Instructions for filling out and submitting a HUD Application
Income Requirements
Landlord Application
Owner-Occupied Application
Tenant Application
Relocation Allowance Form
Visiting Child Verification Form
Consent Form for Use of Photos
Healthy Homes Initiative
7 Tips for Keeping a Healthy Home
Healthy Homes 29 Points
A Healthy Home Checklist
Help Yourself to a Healthy Home