Safe Sleeping For Babies

safesleepHow can I be apart of this campaign/where can I learn more?
Please contact the Orange County Department of Health
Division of Early Intervention Services at:

Orange County Department of Health has defined a need to expand the “Back to Sleep” SIDS prevention message and further educate and assist families to make safe sleeping choices for their infants. The “Safe Sleep Campaign” was launched in the fall of 2009 and includes safe sleep flyers available in English, Spanish and Yiddish. Safe Sleep Posters providing information about the safe sleep environment for infants and lapel buttons with the message “ASK ME ABOUT SAFE SLEEP for BABIES” are distributed to Health Care Providers, home health & home visiting agencies, Social Services, CPS & preventive case managers.

Educational programs are available by contacting our ICHAP/Childfind Program. For additional information or referral call Orange County Dept of Health office at (845)

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Safe Sleep English and Spanish Poster